Please Help A Friend Fight Blood Cancer

Happy Friday to my cherished readers!  One of my friends sent me this email today and I wanted to share it with everyone as it affects so many people and it supports a good cause.  Every donation counts!

This summer I’ve dedicated myself to helping in the fight against blood cancers.  For the last month I’ve been training six days a week to compete in theAlcatraz triathlon. That’s right swimming from the “Rock” to the marina followed by a 25 mile bike ride and 7 mile run through a city that has a few hills. I’m doing this to help raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) but you can help without doing all that.

As you may know my father and little brother have both battled blood cancer (lymphoma and leukemia). Their treatments consisted of chemotherapy and stem cell replacement.  It was extremely difficult to watch as they battled this disease.  With incredible strength and courage they were both able to complete treatment and now they’re both in remission!

Every four minutes someone new is diagnosed with blood cancer and every ten minutes someone dies.  So my family is lucky in that it only happens once a year to us and no one has died.   I decided to join Team in Training in honor of them and all of the amazing people that supported them through their treatments.  The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training has raised over 1 billion dollars for lifesaving cancer research.  My family has benefited greatly from this amazing organization and I’m just trying to do a small part to give back.

Here’s where I ask for money. You can use all major forms of plastic at my awesome website. Or mail (like in an envelope) me (Johnathan Walker)  a check made out to LLS and send to :  3714 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

If you work for one of those cool rich companies that matches donations please fill out the company name on the website or put it on the check.

Trying to raise $500 by Sunday or my team might drown me! 

Check out some pic’s of me training:

See me training in the pool

Here’s a pic of me on my bike

Or me working out at the track

Thanks for your help,

John Walker

Help me fight cancer!



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