About Miss Babbles

My name is Barbara but I have many nicknames, Babs being the one that is used most.  Other names include Barbie, Babbles, Babsicle, Barbarella, and one of my favorites, Big Trouble in Little China.  I have lived here in the Bay Area all my life except when I went to school at UCSB (Go Gauchos!)  My parents, 2 sisters, 2 brother in laws, and 3 nephews are also in the Bay Area which I love because I get to spoil my nephews, and sister’s dog, to no end.

I love to eat, cook, shop, hang out, watch trashy TV, travel and hang out at the beach.  I follow the Giants/49ers/Warriors/Spurs.  Not as diligently as I used to as I found a direct correlation between consistently following my teams and high stress level.   Most of all, I love hanging out with my hilarious family (think The Simpsons meets the Kardashians) and my amazing group of friends.  Welcome to Miss Babbles World!

14 responses to About Miss Babbles

  1. Lisa Williams

    Nice site……perfect for you!!!! Good Luck.

  2. Patty Wells

    Typical me, Barbara, I just checked this out…love the shopping tips and the social. Keep going with this, the local angle is great.
    Which books did you score at the library sale?

    • Miss Babbles

      Thank you Ms. Patty! I got 7 books for $5! What a deal! One is about Chicago where I will be meeting your lil brother 🙂

  3. Bmurph5959

    This place sucks.

    • Miss Babbles

      Are you mad because there’s a video on here of you snorting salt and squeezing a lime in your eye?

  4. Shauna Montrucchio

    Hi Barbara…this is great!


  5. Can we get some SBTB knowledge?

  6. Love it babalicious!!!!

  7. kimberly

    B!!! I visit your blog almost every day and I have yet to tell you how much I like it. “I really like it”.

  8. teesh

    this is SO you

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