Food Truck Crush

Oyster Po' Boy

On Friday, I was finally able to make it out to Food Truck Crush and check out everything they have to offer.  The weather was warm so I knew it would be a perfect day for a food truck crawl. Located right near where you board the Larkspur Ferry, Food Truck Crush offers a fun, relaxed environment with live music that is also kid friendly.

I started with the mini oyster po-boy with bacon from Suzie Q’s Lunchbox, who serves Cajun-inspired food.  I liked the addition of the bacon to the po-boy.  A little more oyster and less breading would make the sandwich perfect.

Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls

Next up was 3-Sum Eats.  The Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls speak for themselves. What upped the filthiness factor was the fondue dipping sauce for them.  Delightful!  Their deviled eggs were creamy and very well seasoned.

From Curry Up Now I got the Keema Kathis which is like an Indian chalupa.  It was very flavorful but definitely messy so make sure to eat it out of the bag, similar to how you drink a 40 (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about).

Curry Up Now

Next up was The Rib Whip.  The ribs were very succulent and came right off the bone.  The mac & cheese was very cheesy and had a smoky taste to it that I enjoyed.  Since there was a Giant’s home game that evening and knowing there would be a ton of Giant’s fans catching the ferry to the game, Kara’s Cupcakes had Giant’s cupcakes alongside their standard delicious flavors like Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Chocolate Velvet.

Partial Line-up

And that’s a quick recap of my 1st Food Truck Crush experience.  Yes, my pictures could’ve been better but one only has so much patience to perfect a picture when there is delicious food in front of me.  I will definitely be back for another food truck crawl.  Hats off to Jeremy Zajonc and Jason Holthe for bringing the food truck craze to Marin, every Friday from 5-8 at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal.  It is utterly undeniable- I have a Food Truck Crush.

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