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Last week we had the tall ship BE Esmeralda visiting San Francisco Bay for sister city celebrations with Sausalito. They tied up at Pier 23 in San Francisco, though, so we saw less of them from this side of the Bay.

This week it’s been a treat every morning as we get up to look out the window and see the tall ships Kaisei and SSV Robert C. Seamans anchored just a few hundred yards apart in the Bay off Sausalito.

As we reported two years ago when Project Kaisei began its work on studying the sea of plastic at the vortex of the Pacific Gyre, the sailing ship Kaisei has done extensive research on marine pollution.  (Photo at left by Sabine Stetson of Sausalito).

SEAshipThe SSV Robert C. Seamans is used for sail training and education by SEA.   They likewise have been involved in the study of plastic pollution in the oceans.

As much fun as we’ve had in Sausalito with the Bond Villain mega-yachts with helicopters in 2009 and again in 2010, and with mega-motor sailing ships like the Zenji, the beauty of these majestic sailing ships takes your breath away.

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