Opening Day, Oyster Fest and Bay to Breakers 2011

May has arrived which marks the beginning of many daytime drinking events.  May 1st kicked off the season with Opening Day on the Bay.  Here are some pictures from Sam’s which I refer to as Marin’s Lake Havasu.

Next up is O’Reilly’s 12th Annual Oyster Fest on Saturday May 14th at Fort Mason.  All day drinking, oysters and live music.  All the ingredients necessary for a shit show.  Here is the link for all the information:

The following day is the annual Bay to Breakers Marathon on Sunday, May 15th.  Get out your costumes, cameras and get ready to see naked old men with only shoes and socks on.  It’s so gross yet you can’t stop looking at them.  Here are some videos from B2B in the past.

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As always, be safe, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen (don’t be la langosta) and don’t drink and drive.  And of course have fun!!!

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