Cougar Hunting & A’s vs Yankees

Cougar hunting season is upon us.  Is it the cougar that hunts or is hunted?  Whichever it is, the season is kicking off with the California Cougar Convention on Saturday, May 28th.  Here you will get to see cougars from all over California compete for Miss Cougar California 2011.  The winner even wins a trip on the Cougar Cruise to the Bahamas. Afterwards, dance the night away with all the cougars and cubs in attendance.  Forget Miss USA, this is sure to be way more entertaining.  Get tickets here for $5!

The NY Yankees are coming into town to play the A’s.  You can get tickets to see them play at the Oakland Coliseum on Tuesday, May 31st.  Click here to get Plaza level tickets for only $13!  Even if you don’t like baseball, A-Rod is always fun to look at…

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