What Pregnancy Does To A Woman

One thing I always love asking my pregnant frieds is what foods have they been craving.  It fascinates me how often someone will start craving something they never ate prior.  Case in point, my friend Jules.  When I think of Jules, I think of coq au vin, caviar, and Perrier.  Oh how things change when you are prego.  This is an email I just got from her, regarding her current food of choice while 7 months pregnant.  So hilaious.  The sad thing, is I would do the same thing but I don’t have an excuse 🙁

I just walked 53 minutes for a big Mac. I walk an  hour every day anyway... It's just this time there were golden arches at the end of the tunnel!       Luckily, this is the closest mc Donald's to my     house.

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