Salito’s in Sausalito

The former Paradise Bay (1200 Bridgeway) in Sausalito has been bought by Jerry Dal Bozzo, Dante Serafina and Andrea Froncillo, the trio that owns and operates Boboquivari’s, Calzone’s, Crab House, Franciscan Crab Restaurant, The Dead Fish, and the Stinking Rose. The restaurant, which has getting a slight makeover, will be turned into Salito’s, a crab and primerib house. Yes, please! This restaurant has a huge deck that seats 100 and used to have an outdoor bar which I loved.  Not sure if they kept it or not.

As with all the other restaurants, Andrea Froncillo will continue to be the executive chef.  Although the restaurant still says Paradise Bay, they have already switched the menu over to the new Salito’s menu. And being the ninja that I am, I took pics of the menu so I can share it with you, as they have no website yet.  Menu is similar to what they offer at their Franciscan Crab Restaurant.  First gripe…who charges for bread?!  Lame!  Nevertheless, I am excited to try it and will write about it as soon as I do!


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