Ike’s Place

I finally got a chance to check out the new Ike’s Place, which is right across the street from the old Ike’s.  It’s a small little shop with some seats along the window but there are no chairs and tables to sit at.  Also, be advised that when you walk in there is a pared down menu of the most popular sandwiches but you can still order anything that was on the previous menu.  It was hard to decide what to get but we finally decided on The Spiffy Tiffy and The Damon Bruce, both on warm, crusty sourdough rolls.  The Spiffy Tiffy is halal chicken with pesto,  mushrooms, avocado, provolone, pepper jack and of course the dirty sauce.  I rarely order chicken when I eat out but this sandwich was so worth it.  The cheese was all melted and stringy, the pesto was the perfect complement and the dirty sauce makes it taste like the sandwich is on garlic bread.  Phenomenal.  The Damon Bruce  is thinly sliced rib eye with provolone, onion rings, A-1 steak sauce, and dirty sauce.  I decided to up the filthiness factor by adding mozzarella sticks to it and it was a brilliant move.  Well, to be honest, mozzarella sticks should be added to any sandwich if you have the option but that’s my personal opinion.

All sandwiches come with a bag of yummy kettle chips and they have an amazing selection of sodas that you don’t find at your typical grocery store.  These sandwiches are worth the hype (their Matt Cain sandwich recently won ESPN’s Fanwich contest).  Now if only they will open up an outpost in Marin…


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