Food Deals: Orson, Yoshi’s, Il Davide, Terzo, Al-Masri, Olivia’s, Ananda Fuara, Jody Maroni’s

$25 for $50 of dinner or $15 for $30 of brunch fare at Orson in SoMa. A Michelin recommended restaurant, the Executive Chef Elizabeth Faulkner is also going to be on next seasons The Next Iron Chef.

$25 for $50 of food, drinks and entertainment at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in San Francisco and Oakland.

50% off lunch or dinner at Il Davide in San Rafael.

$20 for $40 of Egyptian cuisine at Al-Masri in the outer Richmond.

Get 30% off Italian cuisine at Terzo in Cow Hollow

$25 for $50 of food, drinks and great entertainment at AsiaSF!

$20 for $40 of food and drinks at Ozone Thai in SoMa.

$12 for $24 of ROASTe Fresh Gourmet Coffee

Lunch, drinks and bucket of balls for 2 for $25 at Presidio Golf Course

$15 for 5 sandwiches at Jody Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom.  Choose from sausage, tri-tip and chicken sandwiches.

$10 for $20 of vegetarian and vegan cuisine at Ananda Fuara

$15 for a ticket to Solano Street Grub Crawl in Albany.  Get a taste of several different restaurants on a walking tour around the area.

$20 for $40 worth of food and drinks from Olivia’s Fine Dining.

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