8 Best Burgers in the Bay Area

Here is the line-up according to Zagat.  Do you agree?

#8  Joe’s Cable Car

#7  Burger Bar

#6  Barney’s Gourmet Burgers

#5  Burgermeister 

#4  True Burger

#3  Gott’s Roadside

#2  In-N-Out Burger

#1  Roam Artisan Burgers




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4 responses to 8 Best Burgers in the Bay Area

  1. Ysabel Zachman

    Barbara, have you tried Umami Burger yet.
    It’s on Union Street and it’s new. It came from
    A chain in So-Cal. Privately owned by a chef. It
    Is absolutely amazing! It’s #1 in my opinion!

    • Miss Babbles

      Not yet Ysabel but I can’t wait to try the Manly Burger! I’ve been stalking it though for a while. Waiting for the hype to die down a bit and let the restaurant get settled. I’m not gonna lie…it’s gonna be pretty hard to beat the Dom burger for me 😉

  2. teesh

    I think we need to replace In-N-Out with Fuddruckers.

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